Thursday 1 September 2011

Fancy a Tipple?

Hi everyone,

Well the feedback on the workshop poll was 100% positive so I have decided to go ahead with the Evil Elixir Mixer workshop, I do hope some of you join in as I have put so much work into this project it would be a shame for it not to continue…. Hey… no pressure of course! lol
I have been teaching workshops now for over 10 years but never online so here goes!
My schedule for September is pretty hectic so the start date will be October 4th, this will take us straight into Halloween which is absolutely perfect!

I have to say this has been a hard decision for me but, I honestly think with all the media that is now available to put online, this is going to be fun!
The problem with running a one day workshop in altering is the drying time, believe me you do have to plan for this. With an online course the problem simply disappears, none of you will be arriving late completely stressed out after driving in rush hour traffic for miles on end, having to book the day of work or arrange for babysitters.. You can all work at your own pace and even have a glass of wine along the way! I am completely converted!

I will see you on the dark side… Mwah-ha-ha-ha!

Details of the workshop are listed below

Introductory Cost £18.00!
Upon registration you will be sent an invite to the workshop site, here you will find a materials list, much of which you will probably have lying around in the garage. I have also put the materials list at the bottom of this post. There is also a link to where you can get hold of the rare product once you have registered!
Please note the invite is not automated so will not be immediate, I have to invite you personally..Its much warmer that way don't you think!
In this workshop we are going to alter a plain bottle in a way that the paint is NOT going to scratch off! You will be free to use whatever colours and design you wish along with the techniques shown.
One of the products you will be using, I know for fact that there are only 21 bottles left in the UK at this present moment so it's first come first served. For those of you outside the UK I do have an alternative you can use. Anyone in the states will have no problem getting hold of this product… can you guess where it comes from yet :)

The Workshop will run for a total of 28 days, after this time the information will be removed along with your access. This will give you plenty of time to fully complete the project.
The online site is now fully functional and will include on launch day, photographic instructions, Video, Pdf downloads, artwork and a chat box where you can talk to me when I'm available.
A private forum which I will monitor has also been set up. Here you can interact and discuss matters involving the workshop with other likeminded delegates.

Unfortunately refunds will not be accepted.

Click below to register

Sorry Registration Now Closed
New Dates to be Announced Soon

Materials List
below is the list minus two ingredients that I want kept secret until people have registered, I am sure you can understand my reason for this, but I can give you the price of them.
The price of the first ingredient.. the rare one is £9.95 and enough to complete approx 8 bottles and the second ingredient I have just found on Amazon at £2.60

 (your Choice)

Acrylic paints. I use Americana but most good quality Acrylic paint will work. Please avoid any chalk acrylic such as PaperArtsy Fresco. The colours I have used on my bottle are Sour Apple, Indian Turquoise  Burnt Siena, Burnt Umber, True Red, Black and White. These can be purchased  from the Craftbarn  or you can choose your own colours for this project.

P80 grade Sandpaper. One that can be used wet or dry DIY STORE
Isopropanol or Adirondack blending solution.  MAPLINS OR MOST GOOD STAMPING/ CARDMAKING SHOPS

Araldite epoxy glue or any fast setting epoxy glue  DIY STORE

Bitumen. (smallest tin you can find)   DIY STORE

Turpentine or White spirit (mineral spirits in the US).   DIY STORE

String or Twine.
Elastic Bands.
Artists Paint Brushes square and round.
Paper towel.
Baby Wipes.
Latex gloves.
Embellishments. (whatever you have in your stash that you would like to add)


  1. great idea Andy. I do online tutorials for people who ask how i make things but that live too far away. also means overseas friends can take part. Please feel free to advertise this on my facebook page thing... I think people would be interested.. I might just book in myself.

  2. Woo Hoo, I've registered Andy, can't wait to get started on this one.

  3. Have just booked on - can't wait really enjoyed the class at the craft barn today wish my husband had been able to get the other days off so i could have done some more classes! suppose this is the next best thing
    thanks for all the tips and ideas today

  4. Hello, I have registered, I hope I can find the rare product in France...

  5. Quick question ; Can the bottle be uses afterwards to store your favourite tipple? Or will we poisen ourselves?

  6. Oh well; after all my talk at the shop the other day Andy, I'm in! I've just registered...... let the fun begin!

  7. Hi Neil, really glad you are joining us!
    If I were to use the bottles for storing a tipple I would probably coat them with a good tough satin varnish, I will try one before the workshop starts.

  8. I've registered too. Can't wait. Hope I can get the rare product!!!!


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