Saturday 17 September 2011

I'm Going to Glee!

When I was asked if I would like to go to Glee at the Birmingham NEC I literally jumped at the chance, I really like the TV show and Jane Lynch who plays coach Sue Sylvester has to be my favourite character, she is hilarious!

After my initial excitement I was informed that it was actually the Glee trade show for the garden, landscaping, leisure and pet industries and that we were going to be demonstrating Decoart Patio Paints  and not the musical! …. "Not the musical?…. Ohh Maaaaan"  I felt a big bit stupid I have to say!

So, I am now in the middle of washing, packing and getting ready to leave tomorrow in preparation for Monday.
We will be located at Stand:  5H54 until Wednesday,  if any of you are attending please do pop over and say hello!

I spent the afternoon on Thursday running  workshops at Helen & Douglas House  which offers hospice care for children and young adults.
The work they do there is absolutely amazing, please take a little time to watch their video below.

Helen & Douglas House


Unfortunately I don't have much in the way of artwork to show you as I have been so busy with other stuff along with preparation for the online workshop starting on October 4th, it already has over 90 photo's, 8 PDF's and 1 hour of video and there is still more to do!…what have I got myself into!! :)
I have however set myself some free time in October so that I can be available a little more for the online workshop and to concentrate on new techniques with the idea of a possible Steampunk online workshop, but I will see how this one goes first.

I will leave you with the picture below, this is my practice box which I experiment different paint techniques on, I have been trying to make it look as if it has been dragged from the depth's of the ocean! Not quite there yet but its coming along.


Have a good weekend,



  1. A Steampunk Workshop Oh Yeah......... You can count me in for the one Andy. Beautiful Box, quite simply stunning!!!

  2. Ladys on the run...for steampunk(:o)..sounds great, your idea and i love to learn. Your box looks awesome. more wasting time, it seems to be you're very busy...

  3. Oh how funny Andy, no quite the same as The Glee Club! But try sing as you demo, that might attract loads of people or not, depending on your voice!

  4. Yes, sing and dance about a bit at your workshop ... who knows, you might start something! If not, have a grand time demo-ing. Very "cool" box! Thanks for sharing the video. Bless those who take the journey with these children and their families. :)

  5. Lol, I think if I started singing I would empty the NEC in less than 5 Minutes!


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