Tuesday 6 September 2011

I've had complaints!

Hi everyone,
Before I start can I say a big hello to everyone I met during Saturday's demo's at the Craft Barn and all the lovely ladies attending my workshop on Sunday who made me feel so welcome. Sorry I have no photo's but I promise to remember my camera next time!

This bug I picked up last week ended with an ear infection arriving on Friday and my hearing was very poor the whole weekend, this unfortunately got me into a bit of trouble at the hotel!
I use my phone as an alarm clock and have four separate alarms set, the first at 4:30 am and then every half hour there after. I awoke Sunday morning to my alarm going off at 6:30 along with a gentle tapping at my door…It was the hotel security guy informing me that they had received numerous complaints from other guests about an alarm clock which had been going off since 4:30 in the morning… and he had been knocking at my door for the past hour!....whoops.  I apologised profusely and explained to him about my ear condition but for some reason he did not seem in the slightest bit happy or sympathetic with my explination.
I entered the breakfast room very sheepishly and sat quietly in the corner hoping that nobody knew that I was the guy from room 311!  So my deepest apologies to anyone staying at the Premier Inn Crawley on Saturday night…I admit it….it was me!

Today I am busy preparing the PDF's for the online workshop and making a start on a couple of new altered bottles using different designs and colours, I had a little play with the hues on the original picture to give me some ideas, this can be really useful.
Elixir-from-the-deep2 blue (Small)Elixir-from-the-deep2 pink (Small)Elixir-from-the-deep2 purple (Small)Elixir-from-the-deep2 red (Small)Elixir-from-the-deep2 yellow (Small)Elixir-from-the-deep1 (Small)
Should I go pink and girly?!? lol
Right better get back to it
Enjoy your day,


  1. Wow! Those bottles are amazing! I love the blue/green ones :)

  2. Hilarious story Andy!!! However, having experienced the agony of an ear infection myself, I hope you are feeling much better now. The bottles look stunning. Lindsay x x
    PS remind me to book into a different hotel to you when we are next at an event at the same time! Lol

  3. It was a great class on Sunday Andy thank you, a very relaxed and happy class, with everyone's work ending up so wonderfully different. I like the first bottle picture.

  4. Awww Andy. I am sad for you but laughing.. premier inn have that policy that if you dont get a good nights sleep they will refund you.. i bet a fair few people will be demanding refunds on the back of that little mishap.

    feel well soon x

  5. Oops!! Hope you're feeling better Andy! Great demos on saturday, looking forward to your class in November

  6. Maybe I should demand a refund as I was so rudely awoken by the security guy at 6:30 in the morning! lol

  7. Oh Andy, poor you! So sorry to hear you've been suffering with an ear infection, but well done keeping going and not letting your artistic fans down lol!

    I remember being on a cruise on an Italian ship once, and the 2 ladies in the cabin next to ours talked really loudly on their return to their cabin in the small hours, which of course woke us up. I tried banging on the wall with no result, so eventually I got up and knocked on the door, and in my sleepy state, could I remember the Italian for "quiet"?? All my musical knowledge disappeared without trace and I found myself saying "subito! subito!" which means "suddenly," not "quiet" - which of course is "piano"!!! They must have thought, "Mad Englishwoman! What's she saying "suddenly" for in the middle of the night?" Eventually I phoned the desk and they relayed the complaint in fluent Italian! (I never thought of demanding a refund, Zuzu!)

    Love the altered bottles. Would love to try my hand at that. The colours are gorgeous. All colours are valid, even girlie pink lol!

    Keep up the good work!

  8. Sorry to hear of your dilemma Andy,however you braved the storm and managed anyhow !!

  9. I thought I heard something in 311! Heehee! My fav colored bottles are purpley bottle and the yellow/orangey bottle. They are so dang cool-looking! :)

  10. Last time I was in London all of the hotel guests ended up in the street at 6 am because someone decided to have a smoke in their bedroom...no one had time to dress and we all had to come down in our pajamas. Hilarious! Loved the Mateus' bottle...especially because it comes from my country, Portugal!


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