Thursday 25 August 2016

Dare 2 Create with Tracy, Three Colour Challenge!

Before Tracy left for vacation, we decided to have a Dare 2 Create challenge one evening. We hooked up the webcams, grabbed a blank canvas and a glass of wine each and decided to limit ourselves to just 3 colours from the Media Line: Pyrrole Red, Carbon Black and Titanium White (I would argue that this is a one colour challenge as black and white are officially not colours but hey!).

We give ourselves these challenges for a few reasons: 1) to push each other out of our comfort zones, 2) to learn and discover new techniques, 3) to de-stress, 4) because it's great fun, and 5) it's a damn good excuse to chat and have a glass (bottle) of wine together, even though we are over 5000 miles apart :).

Here are our finished 3 colour canvases:

I love Tracy's canvas and am claiming it for myself when we meet up again in Chicago for The Ministry of Mixology event. (Ministry is down to its last 4 places out of the 70, so if you want to come you better get in quick! We'd love you to join us for 2 days of painting and a whole lot of fun!)

Details and bookings can be found here

Now we challenge those of you in our private groups to have a go or if not already a member come and join the fun! 
We will award two DecoArt Red/Black/White prize packs (1 per group so make sure to upload those projects!). Deadline is September 26th…..

Head to the groups below for more info


  1. Your project is fabulous Andy and I would not be surprised if Tracy claimed that from you!! The highlighting on the flowers is wonderful. Tracy's project made me smile because it looks like she has sneaked a faint hint of a wine glass (or two) in the background, behind her gorgeous flowers! The folks in Chicago are in for a real treat... Anne x

  2. Love both of these, they are so vibrant but have to say that yours has the edge Andy :-P. So please you said it was only one colour really as I didn't want to bring that up haha! hugs xxx

  3. Both are absolutely stunning.


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