Saturday 20 August 2011

Faux Weathered Wood

Hi all,

It's soooo quiet out there in internet land at the moment, so many of you are on holiday… Hmmm holiday…. maybe next year!… are you all still out there?? lol
Anyway, last week I posted a scrapyard challenge mirror on here, this unfortunately failed to go out via my feedburner email subscription, but you can always view it here if you missed it.
Using the same basic pine mirror I have distressed and weathered it using Americana acrylic paint.

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Beach Frames

The basic technique for this can be found HERE, in a video I made a few months back.
I have been busy experimenting with this technique over the past couple of days and it is really starting to come together.

There are approximately seven stages to get to this result on wood, all fairly quick but I wanted to give it a go on cardstock!
Now the only cardstock that I have found to withstand this sort of abuse is the one recommended to me by the wonderful Lindsay Mason, I absolutely love it!
It's 300 gsm and is the only cardstock I have used which can hold up to what I chuck at it :)

Here is a small tag i have made to resemble old painted floorboards, this is using just the 300 gsm cardstock and acrylic paint.

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weathered wood tag1v

(Dream stamp by Lindsay mason  Fly Soar Soul Dream)

Next are a couple of book markers using my Antiques stamp set.
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weathered wood bm1
weathered wood bm

And finally I attempted a faux wooden clock. 
Again this is just a circle cut from the 300 gsm cardstock, absolutely nothing else has been added other than paint.
Next I will glue it to some thick cardboard and fit a clock mechanism.

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faux wood clocks

Clock numerals were stencilled on using a Tando Mask which is available from the Craft Barn
To find your nearest stockist of this fantastic cardstock visit the stockist locater at the link below. code number is PIP 300 CWH



  1. Great work Andy, some lovely things. Yes it is quiet no holiday for me either!

  2. What a lovely effect, it looks so real on the card stock too, Fantastic!

  3. I'm still around Andy, off on hols in a few weeks. That clock face is terrific, hard to believe it's not real wood!

  4. Love that clock Andy, it looks so real!

  5. Just discovered your site....I love everything I have seen...Please find an outlet here in the USA asap for your new stencils... or can I buy them through you in Europe??? Thanks for sharing so much.


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